Livestream youtube time

The youtube link says " Live in 31 hours

October 23, 6:40 AM" even though around 8 hrs are left for the stream. Hope this is an error

It’s Monday night PDT, Tuesday morning IST.

Where did you get the link ?

The link is in the mail. So youre saying the lecture does start in 31 hrs then? oops

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6:30pm Pacific on Monday, live stream will start a bit earlier email said i think

I was also a bit confused but later figured it out. Its not error, the time of Monday 6:30 pm in Pacific Time is equivalent to Tuesday 7:00 am in Indian Time.

Hey Rahul,
I am having hard time retrieving the e-mail with the link. What can be the subject of that e-mail ??

" Please check your Live details"

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Thank you !

I have not received any mail regarding YouTube live link ? I just got mail on 12th Oct regarding welcome mailer.