Linear algebra course

Maybe my question isn’t in the appropriate category but I wanted to make the linear algebra course from @rachel my next step once this deep learning course ends.
I had few questions regarding the course tho:

  • Will there be a linear algebra course v2 in a near future or should I jump right in the v1?
  • Does this course teach how to read math “Greek letters”? By that I mean I want to be able to read a scientific paper math literature (for which I struggle a lot nowadays). Or will it just teach the intuition + the steps to apply our knowledge in python only?

I’m also looking for a course which shows how to implement a paper with dense math literature. Like implementing a paper step by step, coming back and forth to the paper and linking the code to the maths.

Coming from a CS background I find easier for me to jump right on a paper implementation but if you ask me: “Take this paper and do a code implementation” where the code is for now not implemented yet, chances are I won’t be able to do it. I know @jeremy covered this quickly in part 2 v1 of the deep learning course but I feel like it was covered too fast. I hope he will cover that essential topic in more depth for part 2 v2 :pray: .
Thanks again for these amazing courses :smile:


There won’t be a v2 in the near future. And that field is not moving as quickly, so a new version wouldn’t be much different.

The only way I know of to learn the notation is to just start trying to read and implement papers, and ask questions here about anything you don’t understand. Each paper will have different stuff to learn, and I can’t think of a particular set of skills or techniques that would need to be taught to help get started.

Perhaps go thru part2 v1 again and study carefully every paper that we look at in the course, and implement each from scratch. It’ll take quite a few months, but by the end of it you’ll have a lot of great practice under your belt.