Lessons 1 and 2, when to move to lesson 3?

Hi all

I watched lessons 1 and 2 videos and ran all the codes (ran - not did anything myself).
I was wondering if I should try to go more in-depth before going to lesson 3?
Although I understood the made points of the code, I wouldn’t be able to write it from scratch on my own, but I understand each individual steps.
What’s best?

Many thanks for your inputs

Probably starting to experiment with code sooner then later would be a good idea. This is something that is generally applicable I believe :slight_smile:

So you have advice how to put it into practice. Like exercise, Kaggle or try to recode the thing?

I would start with following the advice from the lectures, which is to recreate the notebooks on your own, try things out with different datasets etc.

I am also on the same level. I would advise to try this model on your own problem… (As i used it to differentiate between BTS members. They all look similar and I always had confusion to find who is who from an image).

This will help you to know how are we increasing the accuracy by using different tactics as told in lessons… how the data fitting occurs? and what should be done after that and how the rate of learning matters and all…

I would suggest you to just play with the code that will help you a lot. And then after being comfortable with the code move onto lesson 3.

thanks all for your pieces of advice!