Lesson3 data_clas.show_batch() returns different results from what Jeremy had in during course

Hi, I apologize if my question is unclear/silly, I am new in fastai.

I am currently doing a sentiment analysis. After creating a language
model on my train & test set, I created a classification model using TextClasDataBunch. However, when I run data_clas.show_batch(), it returns a tokenized and numericalized text. I understand that this is what I am supposed to have in order to train my classification model, but as the model shows really poor results after training several epochs ( +/- 58% accuracy), I started to doubt that I have done something wrong.

(my results)

(Jeremy’s results)

As it can be seen in the picture, data_clas.show_batch() returns different results from what Jeremy had in class, (tokenized but not numericalized ) I would like to make sure if this is what is causing me trouble to train my model.

I would appreciate any helps, thank you!

I just realized that TextClasDataBunch was the issue. Using TextList returned me the same results as Jeremy had, and the training accuracy jumped to 90% after 1 single epoch.

I am happy that it now works fine, but I am curious to know why TextClasDataBunch went wrong, and when it is supposed to be used.


Is there a way to use .show_batch() to display data in the Pycharm Python Console? The HTML output that Jupyter displays so well is great, but I have other situations where I’d like to view data in Pycharm

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If you have PyCharm professional you can open jupyter notebooks and edit the code with the pycharm UI and render the jupyter notebook and html outputs at the same time.