Lesson1-rf.ipynb - proc_df() dies if df_raw is read from feather

In lesson1-rf.ipynb, I can get this line to crash the notebook kernel consistently if df_raw is reloaded from pd.read_feather.

df, y, nas = proc_df(df_raw, ‘SalePrice’)

However, if I skip the step “df_raw = pd.read_feather(‘tmp/bulldozers-raw’)” (ie, df_raw is the result from executing all the previous steps in the lesson from the beginning), then proc_df works.

I’m on paperspace.

I’m getting this same error. Did you solve it? If so how?

nope - only workaround I found is to skip the step “df_raw = pd.read_feather(‘tmp/bulldozers-raw’)”. Downside is that I have to re-run all the steps in that page whenever I restart that lesson (shrug…).