Lesson1.ipynb Content Missing?

I just signed up following installation instructions via PaperSpace. The lesson1.ipynb seemed to be missing some content, assuming
it is supposed to match https://github.com/fastai/fastai/blob/master/courses/dl1/lesson1.ipynb .

I attached an image of what i see in notebooks/courses/dl1/lesson1.ipynb, running on PaperSpace machine. I pulled the latest repo and no change. I assume this is not intended - any guidance or debugging help?



I had the same issue, pull from git, etc. What I did is to download the file on github and upload it in the course folder. So far it seems to be working for me.

This happened to me today. your Jupiter notebook is at fault!
If you look closely when this happens you can see your ipynb file size is reduced from 3.3MB to 72KB!
I updated my notebook to the latest version(5.7.2), closed my browser completely,and fetched that specific notebook again and reran jupyter notebook and then it was fixed.
one more thing, I think I also did jupyter trust *.ipynb as well, making all notebooks trusted.