Lesson 7 video - where is fish.ipynb?

Working through lesson 7 video and workbook.

Early in the video it is obvious the notebook is not the same as lesson 6 or lesson 7. Unfortunately the video omits the browser url so I can’t confirm which notebook Jeremy is using.

at 1:00 the video shows fish.ipynb is being used, this files is not in the git repo.

earlier in the lesson 7 video, we see content of the notebook importing resnet50, I can’t find a notebook with content corresponding to the video. (yes, that’s a weird feeling)

Looking at the wiki notes http://wiki.fast.ai/index.php/Lesson_7 the referenced notebooks do not include resnet50.

It’s quite difficult to follow the video without the corresponding notebook.


I was making progress working through the lesson7 notebook without the video. stumped at moment. :frowning:

edit: turns out we are supposed to start with the lesson 3 notebook and modify as per the video. If anyone is still updating the wiki, it would be good to put this trivia in the wiki.