[Lesson 5] imdb dataset shuffled

I was going through the lesson 5 notebook. I saw that it says that “We download the reviews using code copied from keras.datasets:”. I decided to checked the docs out at https://faroit.github.io/keras-docs/1.1.1/datasets/#imdb-movie-reviews-sentiment-classification and found that the code in the docs is actually different. I decided to use the code in the docs and when I tried to check what the sentence was I got this

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This does not make any sense. So I went and used Jeremy’s code and got the same thing that Jeremy shows in the video. I think the difference is due to the shuffle parameter. But is that it or am I doing something wrong? I looked to see whether there is an option to not shuffle it and found that there was no way to do that. Is there? Why would they shuffle sentences? Shuffling the rows makes sense but shuffling the order of the words does not.

Hey Aseem,

Bumped into this issue too a while ago, here’s a very good explanation and solution(s):

Hope it helps :slight_smile: