Lesson -5 (I know I am way behind)- Error in model.predict

I have documented my problem here

Looks like you forgot to limit the vocabulary to 5000 when encoding your test input!

# Limit the vocabulary size to 5000
textWordsIdxArray = [np.array([i if i < vocabsize -1 else vocabsize -1 for i in s]) for s in textWordsIdxArray]

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Keep going, you’re doing well!

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Thanks @niazangels , earlier the model was not able to find the embeddings for higher (than vocab) ids and hence failed to run. Am I right?

I think it makes intuitive sense now.

Exactly. When you tried to make the prediction, it tried to look up the latent factors of all the word ids; some of which didn’t exist, because they were outside the vocabulary of 5000 words we limited ourselves to.