Lesson 3 (part 1 2019)error in downloading a planet dataset

when running below command getting error 404-Not found

kaggle competitions download -c planet-understanding-the-amazon-from-space -f train-jpg.tar.7z -p /root/data/

even the command

!kaggle datasets download -d kazanova/sentiment140 -p /content/planet

working fine for me and also able to see the scores of others in planet competition easily.

Yeah, same here.
Wasted 2 hours to make Colab work with GDrive and also make Kaggle finally work in Colab only to get the 404 not found. I can work locally by manually downloading the Kaggle files, but have no GPU RAM to continue…

I am facing the same issue while downloading planet dataset using the kaggle API. I think workaround can be to manually download the files from kaggle and upload it to colab.

Hi Anush,
We are getting this issue because that dataset is not allow to download.
If you will go to kaggle competition and try to download explicitly without command it wont allow to download in my case.