Lesson 3 Notebooks

I am trying to follow Lesson 3 video, but I am having a hard time finding the notebooks for
Gradio Pets and I am having problems following the "what model is the best as it does not look like the recorded video seems like some code block is missing.

Another thing I have also checked the app.py · jph00/pets at main to look through the code but that does not show what is seen in the video.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

for the gradio pets notebook you need to check app.ipynb not app.py Here The other one is train.ipynb.

There is also the notebooks which image models are best and How does a neural network really work.

And finally don’t forget to check the notebook from the fastai book

I hope this helps.


Thank you so much, this is the most responsive and helpful community I have ever been part of.


you are welcome!

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hey i am unable to get the exact notebook which jeremy is using to teach in vid lecture 3