Lesson 3 In-Class Discussion

what is the environment file?

@jeremy Could we get the rest of the links you presented in the beginning please?

@jeremy Can you please share all the blog links here in the wiki section that you just showed in the class?


Which links?

I wonder if the blog links are found in a resource thread (my guess, not sure). Anyone know?

Blogs are discussed here


Disappointed that youtube chat is disabled today

CurlWget is here


I didn’t understand what is the benefit of using this chrome extension? Or what are the cases when we should use it?

It’s for when you want to download data in a shell when the data is hidden behind a password.


You often want to download data in a remote computer rather than in your own computer.

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If you have direct access to a file, you can just use wget (or rsync or several others). But if you need to be logged in, like for a DropBox link or something like that, the extension helps you get command-line access to it so you can download it to a server.

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Probably to keep discussions in the forum.

so bn_freeze() just applies batch normalization and freezes the layer right?


where is dog-cat quick?

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Yep :slight_smile:

is learner.bn_freeze(True) is equivalent to model.eval() in pytorch?

Where can we find the video recordings of the course?

It is not.

Batch normalization is applied on the forward pass anyway, because it’s a part of the model. “bn_freeze” freezes batch normalization layers to prevent updates to their parameters.