Lesson 3- Camvids List len mismatch (0 vs 2)

The error occurs in src.transform() where size = src_size//2. I am new to python as well as deep learning so i wanted to know what shout i do to get rid of it I checked other topics but none seemed to address this.
Here is the code:

I would really appreciate if someone could exactly specify where Im wrong

I found my mistake it was:
src_size = np.array(mask.shape[11:])

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how did you decide to set mask shape at [11:]) @umaidzz ?

Since I am new to python, so i was experimenting with different values. I was assuming .shape is an array of images. A dumb move.

@rors101 Do you know how to set jupyter notebook for fastai docs?

@umaidzz sorry iā€™m not sure i fully undertand your question?

@rors101 I was asking how do i open fastai documentations in jupyter notebook. I looked into it, it was in docs_src folder. I was looking in docs folder where it wasnt present after cloning the library from github.