Lesson 3 - Amazon Sagemaker - 7zip and planet data issues

I am using Amazon SageMaker as my platform, and had some difficulties downloading 7zip in the notebook and accessing the planet data. I’d just like to share my solution in case others run into the same problem.

Kaggle didn’t work initially, so instead of running:
#! {sys.executable} -m pip install kaggle --upgrade

I needed to run:
! pip install nvidia-ml-py3
! pip install kaggle

I had a 404 error in the notebook when I tried to access my Kaggle data - it appears that it is no longer available, so I had to manually download both files locally to my laptop, then upload it into the planet folder. The csv unzipped fine, but the magic didn’t seem to work properly in the notebook for 7zip, so I needed to open a new Terminal from the notebook explorer, and run the following:

conda install --yes -c haasad eidl7zip
Then, I ran
! 7za
in a notebook cell to check it worked.

The rest of the notebook ran OK after this. Hope it helps!

Same problem when using Gradient. I did the same steps and it worked. Thanks!

Hello all,
i am getting error to download planet dataset. I am able to see the participant score but getting data when try to download planet data
when running below command getting error 404-Not found

kaggle competitions download -c planet-understanding-the-amazon-from-space -f train-jpg.tar.7z -p /root/data/

even the command

!kaggle datasets download -d kazanova/sentiment140 -p /content/planet

working fine for me and also able to see the scores of others in planet competition easily.

Hello all,
the dataset 7zip file is no longer available in the planet competition.
However, someone recently uploaded the planet dataset separately .
please see:

you need not untar the file in this case
this was posted by someone else in another thread, and i cant find that thread. So sorry for not being able to give credit