Lesson 2 notebook doesn't match the lesson 2 video

The existing lesson 2 notebook doesn’t match the lesson 2 video. Is there a revised version of the notebook that covers the dog breeds challenge?

as you can see in video from lesson 2, Jeremy works on temp_lesson1-breeds notebook.
We should be able to re-create what he’s doing on our own, as a homework.

Hello all,
I have gone thru lesson two a couple of times and I have been able to use it to train for football vs soccer from google images and it worked.

I wanted to be able to use Kaggle datasets on dogs vs cats but its been difficult adapting it for the fastai model.

Yes I can download from via the kaggle API into my colab and then unzipping it but I seem to get stuck on running it.

if anybody has worked with kaggle API to get datasets and then train them. please share…thanks


here is my attempt at it