Lesson 1: Model having high error rates

Hi there !
I am quite new to the course and to the forum in general and was expecting some guidance.
I was working with the first lesson and upon training my model (after unfreezing it and using the LR finder), I am still getting error rates as high as ~19%

Here are a few things I made sure of:

  1. Normalized the images
  2. Used the recorder plot to get the correct LR values
  3. Checked the top 10 losses to see if any image was distorted/mislabeled

Here are a few further details of the model:
Arch: resnet50
LR range: 1e^(-4) to 1e^(-3)
Cycles Trained for: 4

Here is a snip of the final output:

Also, I noticed a weird thing with the LR progress bar. It got stuck at 50% but I still got the output message. Here are snips of the same:

The recorder plot

Can someone guide in the correct direction as to how should I start looking at this problem and go about solving it.

Can anyone please help me with this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

After toying around with the code for a while, I managed to get to the root of the problem. I had modified the regex which had caused the issue.

Gotta revise my regex and come back here :slight_smile:

Hi Swastika, Can u share ur code? Im also facing the same issue.

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