Legalities about using code?

Hi there, watching vid2vid from google released some weeks a go, one person asked for something like that but it would be for profit, thus the license say you can use for not profit, so now I wonder how much cant be used for profit? read the paper will be covered? only the code? the datasets? how is derivate work defined?? reading the paper and then implementing (or trying to implement it) it is a derivate work?

And the follow up question is, how this impacts all other models out there, should I always read the license before trying to use/train the models myself?

I mean sometime a go I listened things like if you ever ever read a line of linux Kernel you will not be allowed to write any line of say “windows kernel” and things like that (which are all legal things).

(We have a guide for this?, there is a GPL alike that people consider like a virus, or same rules apply?)