Learning mechanics

I apologize if I’m being dense but I want to be certain I understand the suggested workflow.


  1. Watch the weekly lesson video
  2. Read through the notes for the lesson
  3. Read through the provided notebook for the lesson (twiddle the knobs as appropriate)
  4. Work through the assignment (referring back to the video, notes, and provided notebook as needed)
  5. Re-watch the weekly lesson video to ensure I fully grok the material

I’m not trying to be overly pedantic. I find this mode of teaching to be very interesting and would like to ensure I take fully advantage.

Thank you,

bump @rachel

This should be an easy “yes or no” answer

Thank you

Yes that’s the idea.

(Note that Rachel is busy teaching a new course and I’m also working on a project, so we’re not always going to be able to provide quick replies. Often other community members will be able to help out however.)

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Since the post has 45 views over 3 days my guess is that bugging you was the only way to get a response. :wink: