Learning Deep Learning

Half way into the part 1 of the course I am confused if Deep learning for coders is holistic enough?
Concepts like LSTM are not covered however part II is a deep dive on stable diffussion.
While I was researching this question, I found there is another course by Jermey course18.fast.ai which has ML and Deep Learning.

PS: I am begineer for Deep Learning however have done couple of projects in ML and feel confident.

So my questions are:

  1. If I am looking to learn more holistically and basic to advance can I consider completeing course.fast.ai part 1 to learn basics… what will still not be covered?
  2. Do I miss some basic things like LSTM, RNN etc?

Hi Guptamois

There is a book by Jeremy which covers the basics. Part II this year focused on Stable Diffussion but Part I is similar to the book. There is a seperate course by Rachel on NLP.

Regards Conwyn