Keras 2.0 breaks the code

With the update to keras 2.0, some code in and in other places are showing errors. I am trying to solve these but it is really becoming a nuisance. Is there any plan to refactor the code to Keras 2.0 changes?

From what I’ve seen, your best bet is to stick with the AMI, since it’s also using python 2.

Save that, there are probably Keras 1 implementations still floating around that I am sure you can use.

I won’t be updating it to keras 2 for quite a while, although I’d be delighted to host a port to keras 2 if anyone wants to take on the challenge! :slight_smile:

One kind person already sent us a PR to fix the install script to use keras 1.2.2, BTW.

When I type ‘pip install keras’ ,the pip system automatically setup Keras2.02 for me. And then some problems occured.

How can I setup the Keras Version 1?

I saw this in another thread: pip install 'keras<2'


Thanks a lot ! Keras 1.22 successfully installed.

[Successfully installed keras-1.2.2]


pip install keras==1.1.1

if you are using conda

conda install -c conda-forge keras=1.1.1