Kaggle GPU runs 10 times slower than what Jermey shows!

Is this expected?
this is from the video

this is my actual from kaggle notebook

PS: this is second time I am taking this course. I did half of it using AWS last year, paused, went back and completed the machine learning one and now restarting with V3. I did not burn lot of money on AWS but was just looking for better options.
I don’t mind spending $100-$200 for the entire course (including my own experiments and I have really want to many). But the key thing is spend less time “troubleshooting the file storage and GPU” and more in troubleshooting the “code” (I am not a coder by profession and its and acquired taste :wink: )

Any suggestions for making that decision would be awesome.

I did read the forum threads but got confused further hence creating my own thread for a “customized” answer :slight_smile:

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Just to try another free alternative, here is the result for same code in google collab!

so still slow! Which is okay by me as long as I am not making any tactical mistake or if I may face issues in some real heavy lifting.