Kaggle datasets

How can we download datasets off kaggle using the url downloader used?

I guess you need use Kaggle’s API for this purpose. Because you need to authenticate and accept the competition’s rules before you can download a dataset. The URL loader shown in the lecture could be used to retrieve archives from URLs which are not protected with authentication.

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Yup done. I downloaded it and created a dataset object. I actually thought we had to use the url downloader to create a dataset obj

You may do it using cURL as described in this post Machine Learning - Class 1 Summary

Hi Rahul,

I am trying to download the dogsbreed dataaset from Kaggle as well. It would be of great help if you could post the steps for dowloading from kaggle for newbies like me. Thanks for the help.

Its very simple, follow the steps here : https://github.com/floydwch/kaggle-cli
its just one line
kg download -u username -p password> -c competition>

completion name is the name at the end of the url of the competition

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Note that it is an unofficial Kaggle client. Here is a link to the official one. And the command is more like:

kaggle datasets download zillow/zecon

While credentials you can provide via environment variables.

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