Kaggle COVID19 Global Forecasting (Week 1) + (Week 2)

Kaggle launched two companion COVID-19 forecasting challenges to help answer a subset of the NASEM/WHO questions. While the challenge involves forecasting confirmed cases and fatalities between March 25 and April 22 by region, the primary goal isn’t to produce accurate forecasts . It’s to identify factors that appear to impact the transmission rate of COVID-19.

As the data becomes available, we will update the leaderboard with live results based on data made available from the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (JHU CSSE).

We have received support and guidance from health and policy organizations in launching these challenges. We’re hopeful the Kaggle community can make valuable contributions to developing a better understanding of factors that impact the transmission of COVID-19.

Now Week 2 has launched


Although this dataset has very limited information, very informative insights and patterns could be found from this which could help other industries.

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