Kaggle competition 2sigma News

I am trying to submit to the 2sigma news kaggle competition but I cannot figure out any idea how to implement the score-function (https://www.kaggle.com/c/two-sigma-financial-news#evaluation). By now I am running the training using a rmspe score-function:

def inv_y(a): return np.exp(a)

def exp_rmspe(y_pred, targ):
    targ = inv_y(targ)
    pct_var = (targ - inv_y(y_pred))/targ
    return math.sqrt((pct_var**2).mean())

Has anyone an idea to share?

def make_predictions(predictions_template_df, market_obs_df, news_obs_df, is_train, le):
    X = get_xy(market_obs_df, news_obs_df, cat_vars, is_train, le)     
    preds = m.predict(X.values)    
    predictions_template_df.confidenceValue = m.predict(X)

days = env.get_prediction_days()
for (market_obs_df, news_obs_df, predictions_template_df) in days:
    make_predictions(predictions_template_df, market_obs_df, news_obs_df, False, emb_szs)

When I run the predict function on the test data from the kaggle environment I get this error: