Kaggle API not working with Colab (solution)

I was having difficulty getting the “Blue Book For Bulldozers” to work in Colab. I worked it out and wanted to post a solution in case anyone else has the same problem.

  1. Add the !pip install commands in cell 2.
  2. Comment out from kaggle import api in cell 6 :


  1. Add ‘from kaggle import api’ after creating your json file:

  1. Log in to Kaggle and join the “Blue Book for Bulldozers” competition (required to download data).

  2. Add parents=True to the cell where you use the api to download Kaggle data:

It should now work.

This was a big time waster for me, so I hope this helps someone else struggling with it.


Thanks! I wasted a lot of time on this as well.

I still have problems with this…
Found on youtube a very simple way to download/upload Kaggle data to Colab

hope this works for who is in need