Kaggle API issue chapter 9 Tabular

Hello all,
Previously posted this in 2019 thread! My bad! Essentially, I am having issues with the API in order to access the data. Not too sure what to do about it and at a loss. I believe I have followed the instructions correctly. Was having issues creating the path, but seem to have resolved that but the code still blows up - screen grab below. Please help!

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I ran the following code in Google Colab and was able to download the data successfully—perhaps you are not providing it your username and api key?


@cdsmith007 Did you provide/import your API key ? I believe @vbakshi provides a possibly valid solution.

Sometime back I was working with Google Colab and had an issue where I also could not download the dataset.
I solved it by importing my kaggle.json API key which is the same thing you do when you run the cell creds = '{"username":"your username", "key", : "your kaggle key"}'.

So nowadays when using environments outside Kaggle and I want to download a Kaggle dataset, I import my Kaggle API key and later run something like
comp = 'playground-series-s4e6' path = setup_comp(comp, install='fastai "timm>=0.6.2.dev0"').

The exception is when using Kaggle compute, as there you can just import the datasets directly.

You can find an example at this link

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fastkaggle is a nifty library that can help simplify some of this.

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