Kaggle and fastai


I have a few beginners questions.
Is it possible to install/use fastai in Kaggle Notebooks?
If yes, can somebody please point me to an example?

If not, does that mean for using fastai with Kaggle y:

  • use the Kaggle API to download data to your environment (Google Cloud or similar)?
  • does Kaggle also have an api to upload results?

thanks, cheers

There is a complete tutorial done practically in this link.
Fastai in Kaggle

thanks for pointing this out Anantha

Hi Norbert, if you check out Jeremy’s Kaggle profile, you will see many kaggle notebooks he has very recently authored which use fastai for the beginning chapters of the fastbook.

For example, look at this notebook

Is it a bird?


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Those are for v1 unfortunately.

thanks a lot. This is very helpful. I now been to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using a high level library like fastai.

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