Jupyter nbextensions

Just wondering whether the nbextensions is important as I noticed is in Jeremy jupyter ? and is it from
https://github.com/Jupyter-contrib/jupyter_nbextensions_configurator ?


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The extensions are basically utility functions, you can definitely live without them, but some can be very handy from time to time. The link you gave is the repo for the extension configurator (see repo name), the extensions repo is this one https://github.com/ipython-contrib/jupyter_contrib_nbextensions.


I love ā€˜collapsible headingsā€™.


Thanks guys, manage to install on my Xubuntu 17.04 using
conda install -c conda-forge jupyter_contrib_nbextensions 'icu=58.*'
in case someone is stuck at ubuntu 17.x version as apparently the icu packages has changedā€¦