Joining V4 Late.... Well after others have started


A belated thanks for the invite to join the V4 cohort. The invite came out during a period that I was very busy working at a regional high touch children’s Science Museum. Now as you might imagine due to the COVID-19 situation, I have a lot of time on my hands. Is it possible to start V4 really late?

I had not completed the earlier version of it was hard going for me. (I had much less Python experience then.) Now I feel much more ready to take and complete the classes. When I went to the website this was getting me connected with V3 or the course. Yet folks like Paperspace are talking about the V4 setup. Which was a bit confusing.

So, I realized what was going on a bit. and found your original invitation form January.


Better late than never! I got a couple weeks behind due to interview prep so I’m in a similar boat. I don’t think you’ll get a response from Jeremy as he’s been busy becoming an advocate, researcher, and contact for wearing masks during the pandemic.

To get you started though there are “Lesson X” topics on the forums that have links to the videos, resources, and discussion. If you’re comfortable with Python then the next step can be getting an environment set up. There are various “Platform X” topics that have handy steps to getting you up and running so that you can run the notebooks while you watch the lessons. Lastly, once you watch the videos there are questionnaires and accompanying solutions on the forum titled “Fastbook Chapter X questionnaire solutions (wiki)”. Those are a great way to cement your understanding of the lessons.

Hope that helps!

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@Raymond-Wu thanks for the response. I’ve noticed the @jeremy has been doing some good work on the Mask Issue. Thanks Jeremy.

I’ll give things a try. What is the general mood about platform. (I’m trying to go free.) During V3 it looks like the options were Google CoLab and Paper Space. However, it looks like the PaperSpace options have gone to all content is public.