Join the Harvard/MIT initiative to fight the coronovirus

A group of scientists at Harvard/MIT started an organization to take action against the coronavirus because most governments are not acting fast enough. Here is the announcement and a call to action:

We could really use an army of volunteer data scientists/ML engineers to help us create content, develop solutions, and reach out to the world. If you are interested, please join us by sending an email to
Check out our website if you are interested. We currently have a few hundred volunteers around the globe, but we could really use several thousand.

The key to stopping the spread of the virus is to lower connectivity

You can self-protect themselves, your family and loved ones by reducing the spread of the virus through:

  1. Proper and frequent hand washing
  2. No handshakes and face touching
  3. Keep 1 -2 meters distance to people
  4. Self-isolation, if you got sick.
  5. Do not attend any gatherings of people

Simple but powerful and when done correctly, these steps reduce transmission.

You can read the long story & more details in this document written by Julie McMurry, Associate Director, Oregon State University.


Do you know where the data is, so I can train them?

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please reach by sending an email to