Job Posting: Mariner Senior Data Scientist

Hi Everyone, the company I work at is looking for a senior data scientist. It is a remote position. Attached in the description and here is the url to the company webpage:

Mariner builds and deploys production-grade Deep Learning systems for manufacturing applications. We believe that machine learning and deep learning are poised to transform the manufacturing industry, delivering better quality, higher uptime, lower operating costs, and reduced environmental impact. We’re hiring a remote Senior Computer Vision engineer contribute to our fastai/nbdev automl stack and train, deploy, and communicate Deep Learning models for various customer applications & projects. Open and collaborative culture, competitive benefits & salary. Please reach out to to learn more
Job Description - Senior Computer Vision Engineer (1).pdf (83.6 KB)


Hi, I am interested in this position. I am a Data Scientist with overall 5 years of experience and last 3 years as computer vision engineer. Let me know further details that you need

Feel free to email me your information and I’ll forward it to the rest of our team!

I only have 1.5 years of experience as a MLE so I’ll be happy to refer this to my friends and seniors, would be nice if you post the Job on LinkedIn too @josiahls .

Thanks for sharing with us, my friend whose interested for job once i will confirm with him then let it know to you.