Job Opening – AI for Video Game Development

Hey everyone,

A few months back Jeremy suggested I make a forum post out of my story so here it is. There’s also a DL job opening at the end if you can make it past my tirade.
When I started with in August 2017 I had no machine learning experience, but the course was smooth sailing from day one (other than AWS, which I still have not forgiven). Like the rest of you, it was a huge thrill being able to replicate state of the art papers in just a few months.

Fast forward to today and I’m part of a team of three that have set up a start-up using DL to generate data for the video game industry. It’s very early days but the AAA companies we’re in contact with have already been impressed with our results (100% accuracy vs human performance on some tasks).
We’re now looking to hire so we can roll out our first product in the next few months. Here’s a link to the job post on Kaggle.
I’d be keen to work with anyone who’d been through the courses so please mention that if you apply!



Great story, congrats.

Hello David,

Your story sounds great, I believe many people feel similar way after completing course. Here is my humble opinion about position: description of the job with preferences to Ph.D. sounds like job poster is looking for titles not for skills. I’m very sorry to say that, but I’m afraid to apply to this kind of position, even if I meet all other skills.