It seems the Lesson 2 Video pertains to the Lesson 1 Notebook (videos are ahead by 1 lesson)

So when I first started the course (the 2018 version), I watched Lesson 1 then did the Lesson 1 homework notebook, then watched Lesson 2, then did the Lesson 2 notebook. And I noticed a pattern: the Lesson N video keeps talking about the theory in the Lesson N-1 notebook. Now I’m not sure if I’m proceeding along the way it’s intended or am I supposed to watch the theory first in the Lesson N video before attempting the Notebook for the same lesson (in the Lesson N-1 notebook)? Because honestly, at least for the first 3 videos, the Lesson N video gives me very little guidance on how to do the exercise in the Lesson N notebook.

Hi xjdeng,

The lessons and videos are not strictly mapped 1-to-1. video 1 and 2 both go through the lesson 1 notebook but then Jeremy catches up later and does 3 lessons worth of notebooks in a single video.


I personally use the notebooks by the dataset/&or model name. & I have to also re-watch the videos; a lot.
Mostly because of all the interruptions and digressions.
My humble guess is that is also why the videos don’t follow the lessons.
The questions both enlighten me and irritate me. I kind of wish the videos had more post production done on them.

I don’t really mind the digressions, it’s a free course and that’s good enough. However, I’m still concerned if I’m watching and doing it correctly since it seems he expects us to attempt the assignments first with almost no theory then he explains the theory and goes over the notebook in the next video.