Issue with datablock and keypoints

I currently have a program that uses template matching to get x,y coordinates of a cursor from a screenshot, which then stores that in the filename in the format screenshotNo-xxx-yyy. The function below converts the path into the correct keypoints tensor, which works as it should:

def img2kpts(f):
   name = os.path.basename(f)
   split = str(name).split("-")
   kpts = []
   kpts.append([int(split[1]), int(split[2][:-4])])
   return tensor(kpts)



would return

tensor([[529, 208]]).

However, after putting this into a datablock specified below, when checking the summary with


I get the error “IndexError: list index out of range” from the line

kpts.append([int(split[1]), int(split[2][:-4])])

where split[1] is highlighted

Other important code below:

dblock = DataBlock(blocks=(ImageBlock, PointBlock),

path = Path("C:/Users/joshu/Desktop/Data/osu-ai")
imgs = get_image_files(path)
lbls = get_files(path, extensions='.png')
print(f"Total Images:{len(imgs)}")

Total Images:2554

Please let me know if you require anything else.