Is this really a different 2018 version?

I’m a bit confused about this ‘2018’ version. How exactly is it different than the earlier one? The videos look entirely the same. There are a lot of things mentioned in but I don’t see any difference. Can anyone please clear this out?

This is a quote from the page: "The new course is 80% new material, reflecting the major developments that have occurred in the last 12 months in the field. ". I can’t see how this is the case

Every single video and notebook is totally new. Not sure what you’re referring to. Here’s the old version:

Actually given you’ve written this in the part 1 forum, but linked to the announcement of the part 2 course, I’m guessing you’ve confused the two parts of the course.

Oh, so part 1 is the same?

There’s been no new release of part 1 since January, when the post above was written.