Is this a typo (bug) in CallbackHandler?

Seen on code inspection, I haven’t encountered any issues with it:

    def on_batch_begin(self, xb:Tensor, yb:Tensor, train:bool=True)->None:
        "Handle new batch `xb`,`yb` in `train` or validation."
        self.state_dict.update(dict(last_input=xb, last_target=yb, train=train, 
            stop_epoch=False, skip_step=False, skip_zero=False, skip_bwd=False))
        self('batch_begin', mets = not self.state_dict['train'])
        return self.state_dict['last_input'], self.state_dict['last_target']

By comparison with other on_event handlers, I think mets= is maybe meant to be call_mets=

Oh thanks for flagging this! It’s a typo indeed, will fix ASAP.