Is this a good Deep Learning Hardware config?

Hello everyone,

After reading this post, I came to the conclusion that a RTX 2070 was the best choice for me in terms of GPU.

So I typed RTX 2070 into the biggest french retailer’s website, and found the following config :

AMD Ryzen 5 2600

RTX 2070
16 Go RAM DDR4
480 Go SSD
2 To HDD
Without OS (not that I care, I’d install Linux anyways).
For the cost of ~$1800

Do you see any red flag ? Any compatibility issue between that stuff and major deep learning libraries ?

thank you for your time

It will do fine, though you will run short on GPU memory from time to time - just spin up a cloud instance when needed. Price seems high - I could duplicate the parts for $1200. It’s not too hard to build a system, and you get to make sure all the parts are good quality. Prebuilt system power supplies may not be as stable as you would like for intense workloads.

thanks for your answer.

I don’t think building a system is hard, however I thought there was a risk of screwing some pieces is nof done properly ? I’m not sure I want to take the risk…

Also, perhaps you can get the parts for that price because this is America, and I live in France (20% value added tax ^^)

VAT seems to be included in most of these parts, though some prices don’t match what partpicker lists. - 1244 euro

The keys to a successful system build are making sure all the parts are compatible (which partpicker addresses), not forcing anything into place, and making sure the CPU heat sink is properly seated. You could also see if there is a local computer shop that would assemble parts for a reasonable fee.

Yes, price: you can build it by yourself for almost half the money…