Is there any way to learn GAN in a fastai way?

I heard that the course for GAN will be coming out soon in fastai, but I can not wait. Is there any pratical, top-down GAN course like the other courses in fastai, out of fastai?

GAN is covered briefly in the end of Part 1. Is this what you mean? We have an example of super resolution in it.

Thank you. I meant that I’d like to see a course for practical usage guide for recently possible GAN techniques e.g. cycleGAN, BigGAN, so just like NLP course in fastai

Not in fastai I believe. You’ll have to wait patiently :wink: Others could chime in on non-fastai courses.

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I know fastai doesn’t have such a course. I wonder if there is such a course out of fastai. I want top-down practical lessons on GAN and techniques such as CycleGAN and BigGAN. Is there any such course?

In part two, the GAN was forgotten! How does fastai train GAN? @jeremy

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