Is there any version of that works with Pytorch 0.4x?

If I understand correctly, the version of in the courses uses Pytorch 0.3.0 and the new 1.0 works with Pytorch 1.0. This is all fine for my own computers, but I currently work for a company and all Python packages need to be approved before they can be used.

Unfortunately, the only version of Pytorch that’s approved there is 0.4.0. Strangely, is also approved but it doesn’t always run properly due to the incompatibilities of running it on Pytorch 0.4.0. I suppose we could also petition to get version 1.0 approved but since we use Windows machines and there’s no way to install it in Windows without compiling from source (also a no-no here), we’re pretty much SOL when it comes to using

I suppose, as a last resort, we could go with the 2017 version of which uses Keras for now.

Hi @xjdeng, I used the version of fastai now moved to “old” on Github successfully with Pytorch 0.4.

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