Is realtime image/video blur possible in DL

Hi, I am working on Realtime object detection using Yolo v3 and our project demands image or Bounding Box blur at the output when it identifies a particular class. Is it possible??

I haven’t done it in real time but I’ve done it on pictures and am working on videos now. If you can do the detection in real time then you definitely shouldn’t have a problem doing the blurring in real time. The method that I used for the blurring in images is to crop the bounding box of the item that you want blurred, pass it into the PIL Gaussian Blur method like in this video and then paste it back in the image.
The method that I plan on using for video is to use the opencv blurring method. I haven’t hashed out the details but it shouldn’t be too different then the image one just on a per frame basis.