Is not GAN covered in part 2 anymore?

Although I was just looking roughly, I could not find a topic for GAN. In particular, I remember cycleGAN is the topic that was supposed to be covered in part 2. Is not GAN covered in part 2?

It will be covered in a future lesson - there’s more lessons to come!


very exciting to hear

Thanks for your reply!
I am really looking forward to it. So then, in addition to cycleGAN, do you plan to include topics about other recently developed GANs (e.g. BigGAN) in the lesson?

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And my suggestion is that in the lesson for GAN, you could also cover production for the GAN. It will probably be about sort of image processing, such as performing something on hundreds of conditions and saving the resulting images at once.

Could you please estimate when the lesson on GAN will be open?

On the topic of topics not covered: Did I miss where convolutions were implemented? It seemed like all the sudden we just started using them w/o implementing them…

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Is there any expected timeline for the GAN course?

It’s been quite some time since this post was written, and there is no news about the GAN course. Perhaps everyone is devoted to fastai v2. But even in the discussion of v2, there’s nothing about GAN … Is the topic of GAN abandoned? If there is any schedule, I want to know…!

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Hi - did you get any answers yet?

don’t know related with the course directly,
but there’s a TWIML AI fastai study group and they also will handle GAN/production with hands on ml book