Is it recommended to complete part1 v1?

I was doing week2 of part1 when I heard about v2 so I stopped and started working on all dependencies especially Python. @jeremy, do you recommend completing part1 v1 as well?


The more you know the better it will be…
Jeremy told something like this…

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Was it about part1?

Here is the confusion:

  1. Jeremy mentioned that v2 is completely different from v1
  2. If part1 v1 is still worth doing then team would not have named this course as v2 rather something which is additional than replacement
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It’s not a prerequisite. It has different but somewhat overlapping content.

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What exactly will we be learning in this version of course?

Combination Of CNN and NLP.
CNN to a greater extent.
NLP to a greater extent.
Practical Deep Learning Touching Everything practically feasible…

I know the options cannot summarze everything but still wanted to know on a broad aspect…

Thanks …

You could checkout their course repo:

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Isn’t completed… and it’s a bit hard to decipher…
As it says it’s pre pre alpha…

A bit of everything!


That’s what I am expecting…
Thanks a lot !!!

Thank you.

From the knowledge perspective, is it still worth investing in V1…maybe after v2? If V1 has content which is still good to learn and is not covered in v2, then one must.

No shouldn’t be necessary - the stuff in v1 we won’t cover is because we have better techniques now (e.g. we don’t cover Theano in v2, which is no longer supported by the developers).


May have been asked before, but is there a Part 2 v2 or is it still advisable to do Part 2 after Part 1 v2?

There should be a part2 v2 early-ish next year. Although the existing part2 is still pretty current.