Introduce yourself here!

(Alexander R Kivaisi) #696

Hi Brian,
Okay. Great.


(Vineet) #697

I’m Vineet, currently a backend developer trying to get more involved in Deep Learning to solve some interesting problems!

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(Gary Lau) #698

Hi everyone,

I am Gary from Hong Kong, I have been working as a mobile developer for almost 10 years, I just taught myself backend development and want to become a machine learning engineer, I hope this course will help me to start my journey.



i am Tahir. I am finding it impossible to use the notebooks using the exact commands from gcp tutorial page. such a shame.


(Jeshua) #700

Hello everyone. I’m excited to learn and very motivated to make a transition in my career to machine learning. I am hoping to gain as much from the course as possible.


(Jasmeet KAUR) #701

Hi Everyone! I am Jasmeet from Canada - iOS developer who loves Machine Learning. I am interested in applying deep learning in real time surveillance data in order to reduce the crime.

I am also about to start my Masters in AI. So far, I am loving the fast ai course. Would love to contribute to it :grinning: . @jeremy thanks for the course.

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(Gopitrinadh) #702

Hello All

I’m Gopi, an embedded software developer majorly working with C. I am a newbie to AI domain. Landed on course from my online research on AI and relevant courses. Really liked the top-down approach and starting my learning curve on AI here with

Looking forward to be active in the discussions here.

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(Michael Choudhury) #703

Kaggle kernels might be another option - free GPU, etc.

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(Aditya Kapoor) #704

Hello everyone!

My name is Aditya and I’m super excited to do this course. I have a basic understanding of python and working on Jupyter Notebooks already. I am based in New Delhi, India. Would love to form a study group of sorts if anyone is interested. I’m a final year CS student.


(SignupNow) #705

Hi all. My name is Jim Cochrane, and I have over 22+ years’ experience in computer science. I have done BI in the past using Business Objects and Cognos. I have done a fair amount of SQL coding as well. My website is I look forward to learning on this forum and meeting everyone. Best Regards, Jim


(Huyen Le) #706

Hi everyone,
I’m a newbie and glad to join the forum to learn and share.
I’m concerned about Technology, Open source like Magento and e-commerce solutions.


(Peter W. Szabo) #707

I’m Peter W. Szabo. My background is in UX, in fact, I’m currently leading the UX at 3SS. Used to live in London, UK, but I have recently moved back to Targu Mures, Transylvania, Romania. I have written a book titled User Experience Mapping, published by Packt.
I believe that the future of UX can’t be separated from machine-learning. This is why I’m attracted to ML.
I’m also a big believer in communities, and helping others. This is why I’m the curator or TEDxTirguMures.
Thank you for accepting me, and looking forward to learning from all of you.


(Nikola Novakovic) #708

Hi everyone :wave:

My name is Nikola and I’m super excited to go through’s MOOC. I’ve done a decent amount of courses on ML (last one was Anderw Ngs Stanford ML course) and I really enjoyed them. I mostly did stuff with regression and classification algorithms such as logistic regression, SVM and linear regression. Most recently I worked on a time series model for a client. All of those things are very exciting but I wanted to get more into deep learning so naturally I went for fast.ais MOOC.

I just accepted (a few weeks ago) an offer from a local startup to go onboard as a security engineer that will focus on ML aspect of security. I’m pretty pumped about that.


If you are around Columbus (Ohio) area and are doing any of the MOOCs let me know I’m trying to figure out a study group :slight_smile:


(David) #709

Hi guys!

I’m an Italian software engineer. I’m looking to improve my knowledge in programming and starting a new career in something totally new (I’m actually a CAD/CAM developer here in Italy). And would love to relocate elsewhere in the world.

Starting today.
It is a really beautiful sensation: create a new repo, set up my new environment with my markdown files for notes and so on…
Really exiciting!

See you soon here :slight_smile:



Hello Everyone! :wave:

I am Vishal. I am currently working as a Software Developer in New York city. I have been in field of ML/DL over a year. I have completed Andrew Ng’s course and a couple of Udacity Nanodegrees.

I am really excited to start the course and I a looking forward to the learning experience. A big shout out to @jeremy and @rachel for putting these courses together.


(M. Rajaram) #711


I’m Melissa, and I’ve been lurking in the Fastai stuff for a few months. I have a background in the fields of computer science, cognitive science, and communications disorders. I recently got my Ph.D. in ‘Communication Sciences and Disorders’ and work as a Speech-Language Pathologist in an Elementary School.

I’m fascinated by deep learning, and want to learn the skills to be able to compete in Kaggle competitions!

I really appreciate this community, and the resources it provides for learning deep learning.


(Nikola Novakovic) #712

Welcome! :raised_hands:

Out of curiosity how did you like those Udacity nano degrees?



Hey @novarac23

The nano degrees were pretty good. I did the Deep Learning and Self Driving Car nano degrees. They involve coding assignments/projects and are very hands on. It was a helpful introduction for me into Deep Learning. Also these are paid courses and the projects are time bound so it gives that extra motivation to complete them on time. :slightly_smiling_face:

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(Lloyd Jones) #714

Hi everybody,

My name is Lloyd and I’ve just started taking the course!

I’m currently CTO at Backlinko, an SEO training company. My university degree is Computer Science (Hons), where we touched on neutral networks (but they were very primitive compared to today).

I’ve just finished lesson one, and I’m excited to get stuck in to the rest of the course.

Cheers :+1:


(Michael Epstein-Lapid) #715

Hi all :slight_smile:

My name is Michael, so far I’ve finished lessons 1+2, really excited so far! I’ve been interested in ML & DL for the past 1.5 years, during this time I’ve completed a couple of ML courses, a few python courses and tried to keep up with the best minds and recent advancements by listening to podcasts and reading related news.

Currently, I’m living in Haifa, Israel, and working as a product manager at a start-up. Glad to be part of the community! :rocket: