Introduce yourself here!

Hi All,

This is Raj and I am from Bangalore. I have around 9 years of industry experience and I am working on ML based IoT security solution using Tensorflow.
I find courses very useful to build a very strong foundation for ML/AI career.
Thank you for giving me an opportunity and lets have a great learning together.

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Hello everyone. I’m very excited to be a part if fast AI growing community.
I’m Sai Krishna from India. I’m currently doing some independent research on Deep Learning and Machine learning as well as AI.
Hope to be great start with our Fast AI community.

Hi everyone this is Ritesh from Hyderabad, India. I have done my graduation in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering and now want to transition to Machine Learning field.I’m interested in Machine learning because of the power it gives us to impact humanity in a positive way. I have completed Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning course(stanford one).
I have been following since I heard about it while watching Google I/O 2018, when team beat google using their minimal resources on dawnbench test of stanford. I had done C programming and assembly language programming during my grads but after going through blogs I understood that I have to brush up my coding and problem solving skills to excel in Machine Learning so I started CS50 course by Harvard. Right now I’m about to finish CS50 course.
I’m looking forward to learn and share knowledge with the great community. A big thanks to @jeremy and @rachel for sharing such great content with us and that too free of cost.

Hi all!

I am Pratyaksha, from India. I am a student in my final year of engineering. I discovered machine learning about a year ago. Since then, I have up skilled myself in python and ML concepts with the help of various courses on coursera and edx and my final year project is also based on machine learning.
I am also working on a website. With a few posts up, it is a work in progress, so do bear with me.
After learning ML concepts, DL seemed to be the way forward. And when I came across, it was just perfect.

A big thanks to everyone at for making AI accessible to anyone. Really looking forward to this course.

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Hello folks,
I am Youssouf from Algeria. I am a Master’s student in Combinatorial Optimisation, I have been studying AI theories and philosophy since 2012(self-studying). I have completed many MOOCs before such as the Udacity MOOC of " Introduction to AI " . and the machine learning course by Andrew Ng and now I am working on Deep learning Specialization by Andrew Ng. I found these courses very helpful to enter the field of DL/ML. I have start DL Part1 before but I didn’t complete it.
I’m so excited to start this journey with you guys.
Thank you @jeremy for everything.

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I am happy to receive such a positive response. If you don’t mind, lets continue this discussion here ----->link

Thanks !

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What an amazing group of people!

Hello all! My name is Ali, and I’m an architect based in the UAE. I’m interested in generative systems in architecture (example here and here), and I have an ongoing series of explorations that I share on twitter @WakeMeAtThree.

Excited to join you all and continue another round of fastai. I’ve done various courses prior to this, from the classic Andrew Ng course to part 1 of fastai set of courses. Most of my generative work is driven by uniform/gaussian random probabilities that I manually customize till I reach an interesting visual and spatial result, but I am also interested in exploring something more data-driven using GANs. I do not know if it will necessarily be better or worse than what I’m currently doing, but I would like to find out. I would also like to help contribute to the fastai repo as well as we go along.

@Gabriel_Syme Glad to find like-minded people. I have also come to appreciate computer vsion as well from this side interest, especially in its potential for making interesting generative systems as well. Good luck!


Hello! I’m Pablo from Madrid, Spain. I’m currently working as a Data Scientist in an IoT startup with Python.
I’m new to DL, but I love the applications that this technology can have in many sectors.
I am very excited about this course and I would like to meet people interested in it. Nice to meet you all!

Hi, my name’s Nicolás, and I from Argentina. Currently studying Software Engineering with hopes to graduate next year. I’ve watched the Fastai Machine Learning and Deep Learning part 1, and worked on a few Kaggle Competitions. I hope to get a better understanding on DL in general, and to learn the best practices in order to get better and meaningful results.
Now I’m working with object recognition, specially persons, and using PoseNet for further analysis.

Hi, I’m Andrei and I work as data scientist in fintech company. Thanks fastai cource for a lot of useful information that can be applycable in everyday projects! Looking forward to new cource, most of all I’m interested in tabular data analysis such as scoring, LTV and churn modelling

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Hey, bharadwaj here from Pune. Relatively new to everything ml and dl. Been coding for a while and work in a recruitment tech startup.
Studied at nanyang tech university Singapore.
Am super excited about the future.
Areas of interest: robotics, bio tech, languages, games, music, sports

Hi Pamin. I’m so glad that there is one more Thai student joining this course. My name is Niwech. I lived in Thailand originally. At the moment, I live in Texas. I believe there are many students from Thailand. Hopefully, we can team up and use this knowledge for good. Cheer!

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Hello! I am Kristen from Seattle, WA, For the past three years I’ve been working with an AR/VR startup building consumer applications. Prior to this I worked in both the electronic trading and video games industries.

I’ve been writing code professionally for more than 15 years but am a newbie when it comes to machine learning. I am particularly interested in learning more about image recognition techniques and how it I might leverage them to create more interactive applications.

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I’m currently working as Data Scientist in India. Currently working on ML/DL models in healthcare domain.
I’m expecting to get fluent/easy in coding with deep learning. I’ve gone through some lectures of previous fastai versions. Eagerly waiting for this!

Hey People,
This is Vikas from Bangalore, India. I have done Masters in Computer Application and graduation (B.Sc.) in(Mathematics). I have around 6 years of experience in IT. I have done Andrew Ng’s ML course and some other MOOCs courses on ML and DL. Hope to learn more about DL and understand it so that I can implement it for my project which is based on Special Kids.
I am super excited to be part of this awesome initiative taken by our Leader Mr. Jeremy.

Hello !

I’m Arief from Indonesia, currently working as software engineer. Interested using deep learning for robotics.

Started my ML/DL journey with Learning from Data series and Coursera Deep Learning Specialization, both pretty heavy on math and ML theory. Super excited with with top-down teaching concept here, hoping to get more practical coding and stuff now. Looking forward to learning with you all!

Hi @ahmadarib @alramadona, glad to see another fellow Indonesian here. I went to AISaturday event here in Jakarta, the one that arranged by Gojek. Sadly after finishing part1, there’s no more news/update about the event.


Hi Everyone. Am From Lagos, Nigeria. Am excited to be part of this course and this is my first time. I have an interest in computer vision and I have done something on neural style transfer and Face recognition using FaceNet.


Hi everyone - I’m Brian from Seattle, WA, and my day job I work for Microsoft as an escalation engineer on Planner and Project. I’ve worked through some of the online edx DS, ML and AI coursers and also the v2 courses for - and really enjoyed Jeremy’s approach to teaching AI.
Looking forward to v3!

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I’m Prratek! I got interested in data science and machine learning about a year ago. Since then, I’ve taken a number of online courses (largely through either Datacamp or Coursera), done an NLP internship, and am currently volunteering with Data for Democracy. Oh and I’m two lectures away from finishing the ML course so this couldn’t have come at a better time!