Hi, @jeremy you’re an amazing teacher. As you’ve said that we don’t need to be a Ph.D. holder. But, whenever I apply for internships I notice that minimum requirement is either Ph.D. or M.S.

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Yep; some companies have selection criteria on internships and grad roles based on degrees. If you want those internships you should probably get those degrees.

But you don’t need to be a Ph.D. holder to practice deep learning. And you don’t need an internship to practice or work in deep learning.


@aniketmaurya Like Deep Learning, the hiring landscape is pretty pre-mature.
Hence recruiters that aren’t familiar with what to look for in a candidate put up-PhD or a Masters as a way to gauge expertise.
Those can be a metric, but not the only way- I agree.

Meanwhile, you can try finding or talking to startups or research labs that would welcome you as a research intern. I’ve done quite a few Research and Industrial internships by talking to the practitioners in the company. Once they understand your interests-mostly its a welcoming world :slight_smile:

Edit: Instead of looking for an internship-building a good project can be a great way to boost your portfolio. Please check the “Share your work thread” for many great projects.


While this may be true (especially in job). I’ve experience that in internship they don’t require Ph.D or M.S in majority of cases. Did you try searching on