International fellowship thread

Hj @jeremy, the live of this we will be available later online (not sure I can make it) ? By the way, thank you for this initiative !


A couple of quick questions that might interest most of us from very different timezones: will the live stream be strictly live-only, or will we be able to rewatch each lesson? I’m not sure how productive I will be at 3AM!


Attending the stream early in the morning, I agree that being able to rewatch lessons would be super useful. Let us know @jeremy, what we can expect about this.
If it isn’t possible, maybe I can set up a screen capture on my own device for rewatching later.


I do not think putting this information on your resume will be helpful in any way. Even college degrees are secondary at best when it comes to hiring decisions.

But there are many ways you can stand out in the eyes of prospective employers - you can read how students from the previous cohort went about this, a lot of good information floating around on the boards / Twitter.

Above all, @jeremy and @rachel share great advice on this and on learning in general - this is of outstanding value imho, so I am quite sure we can look forward to this happening this session as well :slight_smile:

BTW if you are eager to get started, here is a great post by @rachel.

Also, you might want to hop on Twitter as both jeremy and rachel share a lot of information that is very relevant to your question.

Ok, well, this reply came out longer than I anticipated, but I am super excited for the course :slight_smile: Super excited this is happening and very happy to be here! :smiley:

14 Likes is getting a lot of traction among people working around/in AI, Jeremy and Rachel are working hard to spread the word.

So while it’s not on-par with a recent degree in ML from your country’s top universities, it will
(1) show that you invest time and effort into learning new skills,
(2) add some keywords that recruiters use on their wide searches (tensorflow, pytorch, computer vision, NLP, etc.), and
(3) potentially serve as a conversation opener with people who heard about

Edit: It won’t hurt.

BTW, I assume “resume” means " LinkedIn profile" :upside_down:


The lessons will be available online a day or two after they are presented - although it is of course important that you are there for the live presentation, since the ability to participate live is the whole point of the program!

I agree with @radek’s response re getting noticed by employers. The important thing is the portfolio you build during, and after, the course.


Hi Sir,
Just wanted to know whether we will be using AWS or Floydhub?

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It looks like it’s AWS. But i am sure you could do this in Floydhub or your own GPU if you have them already. But if we get AWS credits, I don’t see any reason to choose any other Cloud provider for the course work. That way you could focus on learning to do Deep Learning rather than the setup process. The Saturday workshop will most likely clarify things up.


Hi All. Many thanks to Jeremy and Rachel for Part 1 and Part 2 and now reborn Part 1 in Pytorch and International Fellowship program. I was wondering is there a need to spend some time working with Pytorch before the course begin? If yes maybe there are some recommended materials besides:

  1. Part 1 notebooks in PyTorch

Hi all. This is a little and easy course of pytorch, I just post it because I’m anxious to get started:


No need - but the more prep you do beforehand the more you’ll get out of the class :slight_smile:


Thanks @jeremy, thanks @VictorArias.


Can you please share the link to attend live sessions, i am unable to find it along with the schedule of lectures, so that i can attend all live sessions.

Many thanks in advance.

Saurabh Jha

@jeremy mentioned in his emails that:

We will provide a URL for the stream and forum thread just before the course starts. This will be provided through a private forum category that we will provide access to in a couple of weeks, once you provide your details as discussed below.


We will be providing a link to the live stream on the forum closer to the start time.

So we need to keep a check on this forum before the scheduled session begins.


When you signed up, the schedule was pretty clearly stated :slight_smile:


It’s one of the best set of tutorials to get one started…

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I was trying to learn Tensorflow and high level API’s Keras/TFLearn since last few weeks, now since this course will use Pytorch, is it advisable to keep working through both deep learning frameworks - Tensorflow and Pytorch ?

@jeremy Is the link to today’s workshop ready?

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I was trying to learn Tensorflow and high level API’s Keras/TFLearn since last few weeks, now since this course will use Pytorch, is it advisable to keep working through both deep learning frameworks - Tensorflow and Pytorch ?

My personal experience has been that without applying the knowledge, you will forget the usage of these frameworks. And it is confusing to use multiple of them at learning stage. If you are applying your TF learning in hands-on projects, if should be okay to juggle with both.

I will be sticking with PyTorch along with for sometime now. Have heard good things about it’s design, from practitioners.


The stream is now available at: .