International Fellowship for 2018 Part-1


I am interested in participating in the International Fellowship program for Deep Learning Part-1 for the upcoming session. When will the fellowship applications start and what is the selection procedure?



Hi Shreyans,

If you read Rachel’s blog post from the 16th of August, she mentioned that they will announce the process for international applications in a few weeks to time. I imagine Rachel and Jeremy will provide the details of how to apply then.

In the meantime, you can have a read through the post which Jeremy made for the 2017 international application process which might give you a headstart on what they might ask for.

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Just wondering if an international fellows program for remote students is being offered this year, and if so, how one may apply.

Hi Michael,

Take a read of the above (including links). Rachel mentioned they would be providing details in a few weeks for the international internship.


Thanks, Todd - helpful

Any update on when the applications will open for IF 2018, Part 1, beginning on October 22?

Probably on Monday, @reshama


any update?

Jeremy has posted the link in this thread


Is this link / thread talking about Live of the newest 2018 version supposed to be private? I saw the notices to be on the look out for similar international fellow applications within the US, but never saw anything come out on the blog.

I keep getting the following whenever I try to go to the page:

I am having the same problem. I applied for the course through the link and also got a mail saying that please check this link… When I go there, it says that this topic is private. Also, when I go to the introduction link: it says:
Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!

I filled up all the fields in my form and applied duly. It would be good to know why my application got rejected. I can’t even access the form link to apply again.

My user account in forums works fine. It is just that the new live course international edition forum doesn’t work for me, Can someone please please help?

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I don’t know about the fellowships, I would just like to participate in the live sessions if possible. What’s the best way to do so?

Pretty much in the same boat. Is the private forum already operational?

Same case with me! no update on Live course 2018 after filling the form. It will be better if someone throws some light on it

No. BTW, I am accepted into the Live—the new version of the International Fellowship 2018 for Part 1 v3 using the new fastai library 1.0.

I guess the thread was removed because the application was closed few days ago. See Google’s cache:

Will the classes be private as well? I received the link but for some reason can’t access the forum page

What link?

This one that was sent in the email --REMOVED LINK–

OK. This sub-forum is private to the International Fellowship 2018 participants. If you received the email, you should be good to go. Otherwise, PM Jeremy. I think you are encountering this issue likely because the username you used to signup for the application is not the same as your forum username.

Hi, I received the email, but cannot access the forum. Can someone who has admin rights see if the account for Devonyates is enabled? Originally my account was devonyates, but I modified it to match the email to Devonyates. Not sure if the capitalization caused a problem.