International Fellowship applications for Part 2 now open

(Sharwon Pius) #101

Anybody here from Bangalore, India. Willing to meetup during the weekends, and dig deep into the material. Let me know, cause, we already have an active meetup taking place.

(nczx98w3.nsaonw3) #102

Thought there are alot of applications, I wonder if there is a email confirmation for the filled form? or how we know the setup is :ok_hand:???

(nczx98w3.nsaonw3) #103

I think it is correct, because it is more like a subset or a set of specific things… or…

(Vijay Kumar) #104

Hi @DavideBoschetto,
I have checked in Spam folder as well … I haven’t got there mail.

(ecdrid) #105

Give a search for

(Vijay Kumar) #106

I did that as well… but not able to find any mail…

(Francisco Ingham) #107

Let’s go South America! Confirmed from Buenos Aires here!

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #108

She’s still recovering from her illness. Hopefully she’ll be well enough to get involved - she really wants to!

(Vikas Bahirwani) #109

:frowning: . Please wish Rachel a speedy recovery on our behalf.


Got in…

(Vijay Kumar) #111

Hi @Jeremy @DavideBoschetto,
I still not received any mail, please include me in part 2 fellowship program as well.

(Sritanu Chakraborty) #112

Got in. Looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

(Vijay Kumar) #113

Thanks @Jeremy, @DavideBoschetto… I received the mail.

(William Horton) #114

Really excited to be a part of this! I’ll be tuning in as an “International” Fellow from New York City.

(Gerardo Garcia) #115

it can be done
As soon as @Jeremy post the google doc with the new locations I will submit it.

(ecdrid) #116

Me to waititng to try out Plotly

(Vijay Kumar) #117

Let me know if anyone received the the link for the program starting from 19th March

(Paras Kaushik) #118

Hi @jeremy, I’ve been accepted in this program but got late in submitting the form, could you please help with the access to part2-2018 forum.

(Paras Kaushik) #119

Did u receive the link? Also, is there a separate forum to discuss further?

(Vijay Kumar) #120

No… I haven’t received till now… anyone received please let us know.