Installing on offline computer

Hi there,

So I need to install fastai2 and its dependencies on a computer which is not (allowed) on the internet.

I came across this link, but I am still unsure whether I could alter this to work offline:

I would of course start by installing ubuntu. The scripts does “wget” a few cuda files I could download and transfer.

then it git clones fastai, but will this give something that I can easily transfer through USB?
I can see it also wgets weights, which I assume are the pretrained weights which it normally downloads when you create a pre-trained learner the first time.

Lastly it wgets anaconda, which i can also download and transfer.

All the files I pre-download and transfer, do they have to be in a certain location for ubuntu to find it? I assume the scripts also download pytorch, which I guess are in the fastai git clone.

Any other suggestions as to how I can install are welcomed.