Import Fastbook in AI Platform Notebooks GCP

Hi fellow fastai peeps -
Rookie Question

I am finding that each time I log back on to my AI Platform Notebooks I have to install fastbook again. Is this because an AI Platform Notebook is like Google Colab in that it doesn’t have a dedicated machine on there, so I have to install packages every time I use one?

Thank you!

** EDIT ***

If I just run
import fastbook
I get this error:
/opt/conda/lib/python3.7/site-packages/fastbook/ UserWarning: Missing graphviz please run conda install fastbook
except ModuleNotFoundError: warn("Missing graphviz - please run conda install fastbook")

so then, I run
conda install fastbook
and everything is good in the world again. :slight_smile:

Well, the solution to this problem is for me to just install graphviz.

I did this and now I can import fastbook with no problems:
!pip install graphviz